Viktor Grebennikov #2 – Static Electricity Effect

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Published on March 14, 2016

Inspired by Viktor Grebennikov and TheRealVerbs. If you liked this video, check out my new series. This video demonstrates the static electric effect of nylon and other plastics on dry leaves. After seeing many videos on this phenomenon using beetle wing covers, I decided to attempt to replicate the results for myself. So far I have been able to replicate them repelling each other up to 4-5″, stick to & repel from stainless steel, & stick to aluminum. All of these are mimicked with dry leaves to show that there is nothing special about the wing covers when placed in a static electric field. I will continue the research into the areas Viktor Grebennikov began in, CSE of larger structures (honeycomb, bee & wasp hives) and their effect on carbon graphite. I will upload any interesting results. CONCLUSION: Videos that show this effect on beetle wing covers while using any of the following are hoaxes and misleading (nylon, plastic, plexiglas, ect…). Wing covers will not show this effect on grounded materials and other objects (dry leaves shown here) will mimic the same results if placed in an electric field. My research will continue with this in mind. As crazy as this sounds, the point of this research is to be able to replicate the flying platform made by Viktor Grebennikov. This would involve identifying the nonostructures that cause the hover effect and possibly have them replicated onto sheets. Viktor claimed he used beetle wing covers to create a flying platform that could reach speeds up to 1500+ mph without feeling the effects of inertia, wind, or air friction. For those viewers who do not know anything about this research, please visit this website for more information. Please leave your comments & suggestions. Constructive criticism is welcomed. Thanks for watching, Russell

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