Blueprint for a UFO – Mark McCandlish, US Air Force

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Published on May 5, 2015

Mark McCandlish is an achieved aerospace illustrator and has actually worked for numerous of the leading aerospace corporations in the United States. In his testament, you will discover that the United States not just has functional antigravity propulsion gadgets, however we have had them for numerous, lots of years and they have actually been established through the research, in part, of extraterrestrial cars over the previous fifty years. In addition, we have the illustration from aerospace creator Brad Sorenson of the gadgets that he saw, as well as a schematic of one of these alien reproduction cars– in some amazing information.

  1. Art Rayon

    Ok, how in the hell is this not classified top secret??? This makes no sense as we would be on Mars already!
    Why is absolutely no one even asking about this? Is this real? This old video (and some mentions on the internet some time ago), is the only mention of this and it seems it was never followed up on. If this was flying in the 60s, why are we not arming these babies and using them against Isis? Is there anything going on with this project anymore? Can we not use zero point energy in our daily lives? I know. Lots of questions. Would be cool to see answers.

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