Stephen Bassett Disclosure conference 2014

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Published on July 29, 2015

Stephen Basset who organised the citizen hearing on disclosure talks about the truth embargo and more. please visit for more information. Facebook:

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  1. Markus Pringle

    Remarkable , I hope for total disclosure regarding all the lies and cover ups our crooked deceitful Government has plagued the United States of America with for so many years now . I pray for the downfall and removal from office of these bastards who have killed many people to keep their demonic satanic agenda these leaders like our present and past presidents are antichrist taking out Great country straight to hell. I want to see these idiots removed from office and imprisoned for the crimes, further more They must be put out of OUR White House which they have so defiled. May God bless America ounce again. Brilliant work gentlemen my hat is off to you all for your courage and steadfastness in the matter of full disclosure concerning ET presence and technology in our world !!

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