Courtney Brown: Aliens on Iapetus!

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Published on July 12, 2015

Aliens on Iapetus!: A remote-viewing project of The Farsight Institute.

Long ago, extraterrestrials built a facility on Iapetus, a moon of Saturn. This true story is told in explicit detail by two of the best remote viewers alive today, using U.S. military derived methodologies that were designed and used for espionage. This project, done at The Farsight Institute, tells the entire story of what that facility on Iapetus was used for, who built it, and what happened to it. This is a “must see” project for anyone interested in the a more complete history of our solar system than what is typically taught in schools. This is one of the most amazing true stories ever told about the audacious adventures of some very unusual extraterrestrials in our complicated past.

The full documentary is available now.

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