Aliens: Good & Evil – Intel Sources Reveal Startling UFO Contacts! Timothy Good (Dark Journalist)

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Published on November 16, 2015

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In this exciting episode Dark Journalist interviews the legendary UFO investigator and best-selling author Timothy Good. His deep research on ET contact has led him to the startling conclusion that there are both benevolent and sinister alien beings battling for influence and control of planet earth!

In his newly revealed investigation Timothy has discovered an ongoing worldwide contactee group known as “Amicizia” or “Friendship” that spans over five decades of alien contact. These helpful ET visitors, who are known simply as the “W56,” closely resemble human beings and want to help humanity grow spiritually.

However, Timothy also reveals that contacts deep inside military intelligence have informed him of a technologically super-advanced negative ET group. These malevolent aliens are attempting to genetically engineer a hybrid race comprised of human DNA spliced with alien genes from the species traditionally known as the “Greys.”

Highly scientifically advanced, these aliens have also constructed massive, sophisticated underground bases around the world and are attempting to complete their evil takeover plan in a one hundred year period ending in 2046!

Fascinating and brimming with startling new contact stories and cutting-edge research on classic cases like the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident, Dark Journalist and Timothy Good dive deep into Aliens: Good & Evil!

Many Thanks to Daniel Liszt aka Dark Journalist for this great material

  1. What an interesting interview! Thanks very much.

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