CIA & JFK Assassination Revealed! Nagell – Oswald – Garrison: Dick Russell (Dark Journalist)

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Published on November 16, 2015

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In this exciting new Dark Journalist episode he is joined by best-selling author Dick Russell, who co-authored several volumes on American conspiracy with Jesse Ventura. He also wrote the ultimate classic volume on the JFK Assassination, “The Man Who Knew Too Much.”

In this rare, exclusive interview, Russell recounts tracking down retired CIA agent and super-spy Richard Case Nagell. Nagell told Russell that he became an intelligence triple agent and was sent to penetrate Russian intelligence. The Russians wanted him to stalk a young intelligence officer named Lee Harvey Oswald who had lived in Russia, and who they feared was being set up as a patsy in an assassination plot to pin the blame on the Soviets. When Nagell was ordered to kill Oswald, he went into a bank in El Paso, Texas and fired a round in the ceiling to be taken into protective custody.

Russell also shares riveting accounts of being followed and yet continuing to track Nagell in dangerous hiding places as he revealed more and more levels to the JFK plot including his undercover surveillance on Oswald.

He also recounts his meetings with New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison, who thought Nagell was the best witness in the case, and CIA Counter-Intel Chief James Angleton who revealed important facts laced with dis-information over long, exotic drinking sessions, and Marina Oswald, who desperately wanted to re-open the case to clear her husband.

It sounds like a suspense thriller but it was Russell’s real life as he confronted the forces that removed a popular President from power and attempted to unravel their multi-layered, ingenious and treacherous scheme!

Many Thanks to Daniel Liszt aka Dark Journalist for this great material

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