An Anti-Gravity Platform of Victor S. Grebennikov (Part 2)

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Published on March 14, 2016

Viktor Grebennikov lived in Russia, was an entomologist and made an important discovery, which led to a flying contraption The vehicle looks simple, but when you get into the details and the science, it’s really quite complicated This video will tell you about Viktor Grebennikov and his flying platform Scientific discovery comes from staking pains, intense study of something that is difficult for most. My reading facilitates the inventor, who might not be dedicated to reading this material. I read it to him/her and he/she gets through it, understands it and does the world a great favor. This material is quite difficult and I am lost during most of the explanation, but I think it’s a necessary read. Someone will understand it and bring us an antigravity device to use, saving us $4/gallon on gasoline. If you find the material too difficult, you might want to read Grebennikov’s book, because it is much, much easier and has lots of images I am reading this book aloud, because some of those who understand it, might not have the patience or dedication to read it, tenaciously, themselves, so I read it and hope that they have the patience to watch the video, where I spoon feed the difficult material, add my comments and enable someone with an inventive mind to follow the discussion between the author and myself and perhaps, this will inspire invention Link:



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